EPC Demolition gana dos nuevos contratos importantes

Paris el 14 septembre de 2017, Hotel de la Marine en París ATD, filial de EPC Demolition, ha conseguido un importante contrato con el Centro Nacional de Monumentos para la restauración del Hotel de la Marina en París. Este proyecto único está valorado en más de 5 millones de euros y cubrirá más de 17 [...]

The unique EPC’s approach of community management in Africa

The EPC Groupe has been present in Africa for the last 60 years. Having operations in 16 African countries and distributing in 25, we have been gaining experience and developed a unique approach of community management around our operations. Community farming By nature, our manufacturing sites required large surrounding estates to conduct our [...]

Environment Case Study

EPC-UK Environmental Policy and Ethos EPC-UK recognises that Health and Safety, Quality, Security and Environmental issues relevant to our operations are a fundamental part of our business. Our objective is to meet and where possible, exceed the requirements of all applicable legislation and EPC Groupe policy. Our ISO14001 Environmental accreditation has been achieved whilst addressing [...]

Road Freight Re-Model

EPC-UK Road Freight Relocation In 2015 EPC-UK decided to create a new Transport Hub, moving the road transport division from Alfreton, Derbyshire to join up operations with our Freight Forwarding, Projects and Fuel Additives division based at Great Oakley, nr Harwich. Running all road freight operations from a central point provides us with greater control [...]

Used Oil Based Premium Quality Emulsions

When recycling oil in Africa makes better products A second to none development by EPC-Innovation, for a safe and sustainable production, anywhere in the World EPC-Innovation, our R&D innovation branch has developed a safe, robust to the most demanding climatic conditions and user-friendly containerized emulsion manufacturing solution with a capability of over 6 000 tons/shift/year. [...]

EPC-France: protecting a unique ecosystem since 1893

Saint-Martin de Crau, one of EPC’s green flagship sites Saint-Martin de Crau lagoon results from the excavation works performed 120 years ago for the construction of earth bunds around EPC’s explosive depots. The land of the Crau being particularly waterproof, rainwater accumulated to form a pond. "There is a daily population of 300 migratory birds [...]

EPC-UK Farming, for the good of the land, the people, and the local ecology

At EPC-UK, we believe that by taking environmental responsibility for the protective barrier of countryside around us, we’re making a difference; one that’s designed to benefit our neighbouring wildlife and surrounding landscape – together with the livelihoods of those who work within it. We’ve owned land at both Great Oakley Hall and Old Moze Hall [...]