The EPC Groupe has been present in Africa for the last 60 years. Having operations in 16 African countries and distributing in 25, we have been gaining experience and developed a unique approach of community management around our operations.

Community FarmingCommunity farming

By nature, our manufacturing sites required large surrounding estates to conduct our activities safely, effectively and appropriately. This constraint is turn into an opportunity presenting us with opportunities to make a difference within the environment and the local economy.
Through constant dialogue and collaboration, we are developing cooperative agriculture and areas devoted to free-range farming in partnership and to the benefice of local communities.
In Ivory Coast this policy is allowing local communities to benefits from 125 hectares of land for food production and landscape preservation.

Preferential HR and subcontracting policies

In order to maximize the social impact of our locations, we gives absolute priority to local workforce and companies. This favoured local economy development and proved inn turn to get a virtuous impact on our activity.
In Guinea, we have been integrating all the maintenance and logistics process internally thanks to local skills, acting therefore in full autonomy at 300km from Conakry. Thanks to this versatile dedicated team we can ensure our customer an average 93% mechanical availability of rockbreakers.

Strong focus on training & education

EPC Groupe founded a training department dedicated for Africa. Through this internal process, a comprehensive and permanent training policy for field Surveyors, Shotfirers (CPT & blasting control) and Operators is conducted.
Thanks to this action we can organize the internal propotion of our local workforce and ensure that their professional aspiration can be taken into account. HSE aspects take an important part in the training, which encourages people to empower themselves and to get initiatives in that area. Last year, we reduce our fuel consumption per blasted cubic meters by 25%.

Kokumbo-Ivory-Coast-SchoolPractical actions towards the surrounding community

As far as we can, we try to balance this amazing commitment from local communities by practical small actions. Dialoguing with communities, we contribute to renovations programs, cultural or recreational activities, sponsorship actions, etc.
At Kokumbo, Ivory Coast, we financed the renovation of public buildings among which the local school.