EPC-UK Environmental Policy and Ethos

EPC-UK recognises that Health and Safety, Quality, Security and Environmental issues relevant to our operations are a fundamental part of our business. Our objective is to meet and where possible, exceed the requirements of all applicable legislation and EPC Groupe policy. Our ISO14001 Environmental accreditation has been achieved whilst addressing the needs of the business and maintaining the highest quality operations through our management systems.

Improvement Action Taken

EPC-UK has taken two specific actions to reduce energy consumption, consumption of other resources, noise levels and emissions, which are not only being realised by our own business but our customers, and the general public.

At the end of 2014, EPC-UK Transport commissioned the build of 3 new road tankers to carry highly hazardous substance. Significantly these tankers are the first to be built in the UK for over 21 years, combining the latest technology, improved levels of safety and an increased carrying capacity from 23 tonnes to 29 tonnes per tank.

Environmental Impact, Result and Benefits of Actions

In commissioning these new road tankers, EPC-UK is ensuring providing of the most up-to-date carriage safety of these highly dangerous substances a benefit to ourselves, our customers’ businesses, but also our staff and the general public.

The increased capacity to 29t is a new industry standard, this innovation delivers not only cost and time savings but environmental benefits too. Deploying each of these new road tankers with increased capacity means a reduction of 85,000 miles on the UK roads, consequently a reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, as well as wear and tear on our vehicles.

These factors all result in cost and time efficiencies to the EPC-UK business, but also enable us to pass on these benefits to our customers.