EPC-UK Road Freight Relocation

In 2015 EPC-UK decided to create a new Transport Hub, moving the road transport division from Alfreton, Derbyshire to join up operations with our Freight Forwarding, Projects and Fuel Additives division based at Great Oakley, nr Harwich.

Running all road freight operations from a central point provides us with greater control over our assets, flexibility and a more efficient and cost effective service for our customers.

To support this move from April 1st 2015 EPC-UK decided to move their imports and bulk storage tanks for the chemical 2EH from Teesport to Dagenham (London Docks) located approx. 70 miles from EPC-UK diesel fuel additives manufacturing facility at Great Oakley, nr Harwich.

Re-Modelling Benefits

By changing the existing model in 2015 we will reduce our road mileage by 695,000 miles on this single product alone.

Additionally with the commissioning of our new Oleum road tankers with an increased capacity per load from 23 tonnes to 29 tonnes we will take out an additional 85,000 miles annually.

Not only does this facilitate savings to our end use customers but also significantly improves our carbon footprint, noise pollution and provides an increase to the EPC-UK Transport profitability.