Saint-Martin de Crau, one of EPC’s green flagship sites

Saint-Martin de Crau lagoon results from the excavation works performed 120 years ago for the construction of earth bunds around EPC’s explosive depots. The land of the Crau being particularly waterproof, rainwater accumulated to form a pond.

« There is a daily population of 300 migratory birds in season »

An eco-system was thus created and has been preserved for more than 100 years, allowing natural treatment of more than one million cubic meters of waste water per year.

lake2In addition to upstream / downstream mandatory chemical checks required by government authorities, nature itself rewards our effort by the presence of silver carp and migratory birds (teal, mallards, snipes, herons, flamingos…) with an average daily population of 300 in high season.

EPC people in Saint-Martin humbly consider this unique achievement as part of their duties but enjoy it every day, being secretly –and righteously- proud of it.

This ecosystem has been acknowledged to be remarkable by French government and local authorities. It constitutes a strong anchor for ISO 14001 Certification.