When recycling oil in Africa makes better products

A second to none development by EPC-Innovation, for a safe and sustainable production, anywhere in the World
EPC-Innovation, our R&D innovation branch has developed a safe, robust to the most demanding climatic conditions and user-friendly containerized emulsion manufacturing solution with a capability of over 6 000 tons/shift/year. The 100% 3D based design aims allowing local personnel to easily adjust, match with daily production objectives and maintain the equipment.

Only a 6 months lead time is necessary to get this production unit operational on site, wherever it is. EPC-Innovation has demonstrated this to be achievable in 2014 by setting up one plant in such a short time frame, near Yamoussoukro, in Ivory Coast.

A used-oil based premium formula

used oil 2Our emulsion formulas are tailored to fit at best local conditions in order to maintain the safest standard in production, storage and usage.

The integration of used-oil has been seen not as a constraint or a necessity but more likely as an opportunity. A unique R&D program allowed us to improve significantly the quality of our emulsions through the integration of this recycled by-product.

At Sangaredi mine, Guinea’s largest bauxite mine owned and operated by the country’s principal bauxite producer CBG (joint venture between the Guinean Government (49%) and Halco Mining (51%), a joint venture between Dadco Mining and Rio Tinto Alcan), NITROKEMINE (EPC GROUPE) is producing and implementing 2500 tons of this premium emulsion every year, demonstrating sustainability can combine favourably with mass production and demanding productivity objectives.

Emulsion production units designed and built to match the highest HSE standards

The resulting production unit, named EMP (standing for Euro Modular Plant) has been also designed to be fully compliant with the European Union Health and Safety 2006/42 Directive, called “The European Machinery Directive”.
Moreover, the EMP offers a full autonomy in energy, generating its own electricity, steam and compressed air. Being eco-friendly by design, the EMP is automatically recycling the water used for cleaning the equipment into the manufacturing process.